V1.0.3 - Updates and Fixes


- More rewarding hit for the bear with the higher velocity.  - Max 4x Dash / Charges. Recovery rate at 1 per 2 seconds.  - Box container for the arena. Players can not go beyond the waters edge or to high above the map.


- Screen Fader size was a few pixels short of screen edges.  Fixed resolution to 2000 x 1100. 

- Winning Bear camera faces the front of the bear

- Added Trap animation transition to Idle : Trap -> Idle

- Added Animation for when bear wins a round.

- Updated impact VFX to correct uniform scale

- Removed Physics Materials and added custom C# Contact Handler physics.

- Velocity based impact.

- Down force (Simulated Gravity) multiplier wasn't being used, even though it was meant to be.

Bugs: Some users are still experiencing trouble with the Dual Screen mode.  Typically users with more than 2 displays attached to GPU. Still investigating.


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Mar 27, 2018

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