A downloadable Bear for Windows

This is our submission to the PlayByPlay 2018 Awards, however feel free to download and enjoy our rapid prototype Bumper Bears!

Players: 2 - 4


Controls in Menu : A Button and Stick, or Mouse
Controls in Lobby : Start to Join, A to Ready up! B to un ready!
Controls in Game : Hold A to accelerate forward, and Bumper to Charge!

- Scoreboard in game viewable by holding "Select" button.

Play with up to four people and bump each other out of the arena!

Bumper Bears is our student project.


BumperBears.zip 36 MB

Development log


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Yeee funny xD ... i suggest to split the screen horizontaly and make "X" to brake instead of "B"... i've not tested the game with a friend yet, but at first impression looks that it need also to increase the bouncing force and/or the arena size.

Freeze in options menu (tested on WinXP). Please, can you add a 32bit build too?

BumperBears_32 - 1.0, Enjoy :)